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How To Measure Yourself For Low Rise Jeans

How To Measure Yourself For Low Rise Jeans. Now double that number, and you have the pants’ waist width. Measure upwards in a straight line and stop at the waist.

Do It Yourself Jean Measuring
Do It Yourself Jean Measuring from

For example, if measuring across the waistband you come up with 17”, your width is 17 x 2 = 34”. Keep tape measure comfortably loose as you measure around your waistband. Sew the part of the cut off jean leg you are using for your waist over the waistline of your low rise jeans.

Measure The Waistband Of The Pair Of Jeans To See If It’s A Fit.

Lay the jeans flat on a hard surface and using your measuring tape, measure across the top of the waist. From this level, move the measuring tape up two inches, and take another measurement across the front of the pants; After measuring, multiply the number by two to determine the full waist circumference.

Measuring The Hem Width/Leg Opening.

Measure your bust around the fullest part of your chest with your arms at your sides. Zip and button the jeans and lay it on a flat surface. Low rise, ultra low rise or extreme low rise, get custom jeans made as per your measurements and your style, sizes are just numbers for us.

For Example, If Measuring Across The Waistband You Come Up With 17”, Your Width Is 17 X 2 = 34”.

Again, if you have existing jeans, just lay them flat and. Measure upwards in a straight line and stop at the waist. To measure the rise on women's pants, first locate the intersection of the inseam at the crotch.

Of All The Jeans Measurements We Take, The Hem Width Can Often Have The Most Impact On The Style And Look Of The Jeans.

Then with the jean flat, measure from one side of the leg opening to the other. You’ll have to be in your undergarments to measure your rise. You need to measure the distance between the seam of the crouch and the waist to learn the length of the rise.

To Find The Rear Rise, Flip The Jeans Over And Measure From The Center Crotch Seam To The Top Of The Waistband On The Backside.

Measure the inside of your leg from your crotch to the floor wearing the shoes you will wear with the jeans. Altering rise to create a low rise or high waist jean. Measure the waistband with a measuring tape from one end across to the other.

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