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Fnaf Sister Location Explained

Fnaf Sister Location Explained. William afton is truly innocent and henry is the real killer 4. Henry from silver eyes is phone guy and pink guy 3.

[SFM FNAF] All FNaF Sister Location characters V5 by
[SFM FNAF] All FNaF Sister Location characters V5 by from

The real and fake ending. Camera 2a and 2b is the left hall. Here's the story summarized and explained for you.

Camera 1B Is The Party Area.

He will then offer the player a delightful gift basket, but no matter what the player's. This is a necessary component of the secret ending, but it. Camera 4a and 4b is the right hall.

Were You Looking For The Endings In Fnaf World?

Five nights at freddy's takes a new direction in sister location! There are 3 endings that the player can achieve in five nights at freddy's. The events of sister location take place some time after baby was put out of order and after afton robotics closes, though the exact amount of time after isn’t specified.

In The Elevator, Handunit Lets The Player Know That Technicians May Be On Site, And That The Player Should Ignore Them.

Sister location that can occur randomly when you die. The new control panel appeared to be more advanced than anything we saw before in a previous fnaf game. In silver eyes, afton dies in the spring trap suit.

On The Camera There Are The Points 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, Cam3, 4A, 4B, Cam5, Cam6,Cam7.

William afton is truly innocent and henry is the real killer 4. Camera 1c is pirate cove. Fazbear entertainment reopens freddy fazbear's pizza, but chooses not to reopen its sister location (the fnaf2 pizzeria) due to all of the horrible things that happened there, as well as being on a tighter budget this time around.

The Theory Held That Sister Location May Not Be Set In A Pizza Place At All.

During night 5, the player will attempt to fix circus baby. In fact, the animatronics in sister location may have never seen the light of day. Sister location is the latest game in the popular fnaf series.

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