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Did Unus Annus Delete Their Channel

Did Unus Annus Delete Their Channel. Who are unus annus, and why did their channel get deleted? Unfortunately, that year has come to an end, and at midnight on november 13th 2020, the channel was deleted forever.

Unus Annus The Game by Kai
Unus Annus The Game by Kai from

Although illegal reuploads exist, it’s recommended to respect the wishes of the channel’s creators and not view them. Unus annus was a youtube channel created by crankgameplays (unus) and markiplier (annus). The channel was subsequently deleted once it failed to beat the record.

Unfortunately, That Year Has Come To An End, And At Midnight On November 13Th 2020, The Channel Was Deleted Forever.

Unus annus channel shutdown refers to a youtube channel that was deleted by popular youtubers markiplier and crankgameplays. Unus annus, meaning “one year” in latin, was a collaborative project by mark fischbach, from the youtube channel markiplier, and ethan nestor, from crankgameplays. Unus annus deleting their channel in one year to teach us about death is pretentious.

It Managed To Get 4.5 Million Subscribers In One Year And Had 369 Videos Before Being Deleted.

After the 365 days, the channel would be deleted forever. Who are unus annus, and why did their channel get deleted? By the time you are reading this, the youtube channel formerly known as ‘unus annus’ has been deleted, including every single video on it.

They Did This Alongside Their Already Established Channels, Effectively Catering To Their Loyal Audience While Also Giving Them Something New To Be Entertained By.

Over a million people got together to watch them erase the channel from existence, while many more are reflecting back on what the project meant to them and why it was so special. Both usually played video games on their own channels and occasionally did a random video to change it up. Pst on stream with amy (their producer), mark, and ethan.

Unus Annus, Up Until Its Last Day Before Its Deletion, Would Have Around 4.5 Million Subscribers.

This channel was deleted on saturday, november 14, 2020, at exactly 12:00 a.m. Unus annus is a duo channel that was created on nov. “welcome to unus annus,” read the channel description.

Although Illegal Reuploads Exist, It’s Recommended To Respect The Wishes Of The Channel’s Creators And Not View Them.

Starting on november 15, mark and ethan would upload one video consecutively every day for. “we live our lives taking each second for granted. They deleted the channel during a live stream on november 14th 2020, with lots of people reuploading the stream or reacting to markiplier and crankgameplays deleting their channel on the livestream.

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